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79th & Dodge
Omaha, Ne

B & G Tasty Foods Since 1953

Open 11am - 9pm every day of the week.
To Go Hotline: (402) 390-6096


Ken Bliss and Gayle Gainsforth were the original owners of B & G Drive-In, which was also known as B & G Tasty Treet and most recently B & G Tasty Foods. In 1953, Ken and Gayle, who were co-workers and friends in Fremont, Nebraska, were presented with the opportunity to buy a then-closed Omaha drive-in, and they jumped at the chance.

The building the men purchased for their eatery was located just west of its present location. It was then on the outskirts of Omaha, next to a golf course. Customers were served by car hops at the original location, but car hopping ceased when the business moved to its present location in Beverly Hills Plaza in 1973.

Gayle, with his wife, Shirley, and Ken with his wife, Marge, worked at the drive-in as did all of their children over the years. Some of their grandchildren were also involved in the enterprise. Their 1953 recipes and menu were the same as what is served in the restaurant today. It remains a mystery as to where the BG loose meat sandwich recipe originated.

The current owner is Eddie Morin who worked at B & G throughout his high school and college years. After graduation, he was given the option to buy B & G, and did so on May 1, 2009.

The staff at B & G cultivates a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that makes even the newest customers feel at home. We are locally owned, operated, and staffed with friends and family that have known each other for years and grown up together. We pride ourselves in delivering food made from scratch using never frozen beef, all bee hot dogs, and the freshest produce and bread purchased daily. If meat isn’t your thing, we also have excellent vegetarian options.

At B & G Tasty Foods, we have a simple menu and give you the opportunity to craft food the way you like it with real, honest ingredients.